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Started by kb7sqi, December 31, 2007, 04:08:21 pm

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Hi all,
  I hope the holidays have been good to everyone.  :D I thought I'd share my experience in purchasing a license for Mesa, the spreadsheet package for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP over the holidays from the fine folks @  Mesa was one of a few pieces of software that I had bought over the years off Ebay for my NeXT system that was supposed to come w/ the license & actually didn't.  So, I inquired about purchasing a new license on Friday night & had a quick response on Saturday morning.  You can still buy a license for Mesa 1.5/2.0 for the same price as a Mac OSX version for $34.   8)   So, I quickly purchased a license.  I was trying to license a 2.0 version of the software.  Liz, my contact w/ P&L Software offered a license for me to try before even purchasing the software!   Of course, I had already purchased a license & quickly let her know that I had.  Anyway, long story short, the license strings for 1.5 & 2.0 are supposed to be the same, but I couldn't get a single user license to work w/ 2.0.  Liz was very quick to respond several times & in the end, provided me w/ a 5 user floating license that worked w/ no problems.  Later Saturday night, I had some free time & ended up loading up 1.5B of Mesa and the original licenses she provided worked fine.  We couldn't figure out why the single user licenses didn't work, but in the end I was happy in getting it to work and I have to give P&L Software an A++ in customer service!  It's nice to know you can still purchase some software for our systems.  If you don't have a copy of Mesa & can use a nice standard SpreadSheet package for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP, I highly recommend Mesa.   :D  Oh BTW, if you're curious, yes, I already have ParaSheet, Quantrix, Wingz, Questor & Lotus Improv.  Mesa was one of the higher recommended SpreadSheet packages over the years.  So I wanted to add it to my collection.  :wink: