Odd issue with 3rd party apps and keyboard mapping...

Started by helf, January 09, 2008, 03:47:53 pm

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Hi guys, I finally got a CRT for my color turbo and have been playing with it. I'm having an odd problem with it. I swapped the HDD from my turbo mono with NS3.3 to it. It runs fine, but some 3rd party programs (CubX and SoftPC so far) are not working with my keyboard anymore. When I try typing in the CubX terminal window or in the SoftPC window, I get completely wrong characters. My bottom row of keys do not even do anything, I think. its almost as if the keymap has been shifted up a row and over 2 or 3 keys to the left. I think they are both seeing 'return' as 'j'.

Any ideas?