Transfer limit error during h/w register

Started by Tohmas, March 11, 2008, 11:06:40 pm

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We are in the process of qualifying a new CD-ROM drive for our product running Next 3.3 here and are running into some issues.  On every drive we test now (including DVD-ROMs as plain old CD-ROMs are fairly difficult to find), we are receiving the following error during boot.  It seems to happen when it goes to register the device:

Transfer limit (41 bytes) exceeded.

It gives some other strings as well but that's the primary error message.  I'm assuming that this is because drives are so much faster now than when the EIDE/ATAPI drivers were written but I could be mistaken.  The drive itself still seems to function fine but our customer is not going to be too happy about seeing an error message during boot that wasn't there before.

Anyone have any thoughts about a possible solution?