Convert MO Disks to CD?

Started by PS Two, April 08, 2008, 11:59:19 am

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nice :)

The "DIrectory Browser" in the 0.8 release looks like a pain :P


was the "photon" code name of release 0.8? very nice to see the screenshots :) can anybody tell how to use that dump or tar images you made? I have a nextstation mono and 040 cube, and want to restore the system on that machines?


Thanks for the shots... especially the dissected MO.  A very cool little show and tell.  Makes me want to try for a cube once I have the money... whenever that'll be.  Thanks again and keep'em coming.

Turbo Color slab NS 3.3

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Yes, 'photon' seems to have been the release name for 0.8. The directory browser in 0.8 through 1.0 doesn't have scrollbars, and intead has up/down arrows.

Other interesting things is the lack of the .app extension, and on the bottom left, the 'black hole' :)

I'll go boot my machines and see if I can get some better quality screen shots.


I added some additional photos of 0.8, 0.94 and 1.0 to photo stream on flicker.

I'm trying to remember, but I think when running 0.8 from OD, if you click on a directory in the workspace, the cursor changes to a screaming head. Certainly one of 0.8/0.94 did this... caught me by surprise.