Connecting to nextstep 3.3

Started by simonc99, April 12, 2008, 05:14:16 pm

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Hi there all

Have managed to get my SS20 up and running with NEXTSTEP 3.3. All networking is fine, and everything seems to be working out pretty well.

There's only one thing left to do. I'd ideally like to run this machine headless, and connect via Xming / eXceed / similar Xserver from a (vista) PC. The problem is not the PC end - it's the NEXTSTEP side of things that's causing a few headaches.

The main question - is it possible to get my NEXTSTEP desktop presented over an XDMCP (or just straight X) connection? If so, what software do I need... I'm used to Solaris/OpenVMS and the like having an Xserver built in. Would Cub'X do the job - i.e., can I use it to serve a NEXTSTEP desktop to another machine?

Any views or advice would be very much appreciated...

Many Thanks


The simple answer is no. Nextstep, Openstep and MacOS X [sort of a more evolved version] all run of a Display Postscript [PDS] setup. There is no X11 daemon running and even if you install one the main desktop and related apps will not talk to it. There are ways to forward applications but as far as I know there is no way to forward the whole desktop experience for Nextstep and Openstep.

[For those who know a whole lot more then I feel free to correct my simple reply.]