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*NIX on 68k's

Started by dravier, April 30, 2008, 07:19:00 pm

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Okay, my addiction of Craig's List seems to have little end... but there is a 540c for $20 obo in my area.  Looks in good shape, has power supply and works (according to owner).  Would be nice to have a protable *NIX box for minimal cost, but having a hard time finding straight answers online about this:

Can you run some *NIX (netBSD, Linux, etc...) on a 540c without a ridiculous amount of effort?

I am a dork, but I have more limits on my time than anything else right now.  How possible?  Is it worth the time for the final result?  Anyone here ever do it?  Any thoughts would be helpful... thanks.

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NetBSD and A/UX are your best bet.

I forget the specs on that one, but the requirements are roughly the same for each.  You don't want any 68LC040 chips, and 68030's are second best.


I know it's not real unix, but there is always MacMINT  ( I'm using this  one: http://www.sra.co.jp/people/hoshi/macmint/index-e.html )

And that forever lovable minix.....  I know they suck like v7 but they don't need MMU's and run on damed near anything...

JET is a weird / interesting program, I remember once after watching UAE, thinking that TOS can't be that different from MS-DOS (it is CPM/68k based) how hard would it have been to use UAE's 68k emulator to thunk out to MS-DOS.....

Yeah it'd probably be *WAY* too involved for my feeble mind..  And I wonder just how shakey a Unix like enviroment would have been for MS-DOS...

Anyways, I think that minix will let you go multiuser, even if it's only over teh RS-232...
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