Bandai Pippin AtMark in action

Started by Jenne, May 03, 2008, 12:58:07 pm

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One little step further in one of my many Apple projects: Bandai Pippin AtMark in action!

While there is lots to read about that device accompanied by tons of photos there is nearly nothing to watch about a Pippin AtMark in action. The device itself is rather difficult to get (a japanese eBay seller still offers some stuff), but it´s even more challenging to find software for it. Regarding the development it´s quite easy to make your own Pippin CD but it will always fail to work. After making a CD one had to send it to Apple in order to get it re-encoded especially for the Pippin startup. Nearly all officially released titles are able to run on regular Macs but not the other way around. About 100 (more or less) software titles were released for that box, most of them in japanese language and I was lucky to get five of them. Connecting that box to a TV device at my G5 I was able to make some small movies in iPhone format (.m4v) which I would like to show to you.

First of all: the startup sequence. It shows the regular boot with a startup screen. Until there is no CD present in the drive it won´t boot to it´s end.

Second one shows the Tuscon /Macintosh on Pippin Project. This CD provides basic functionality to a Pippin with several applications. Note the "About this Mac" and the small "Think Different" movie presented later on!

Third one is Pease Turbo, a rather strange collection of japanese language applications. It´s not of much use to me because I´m not familiar with Japanese but it shows how UI design these days looked like.

Number four is a real treasure! Remember THE first person shooter for the Mac "Marathon"? Bungie made a Pippin version of it! It contains "Super Marathon" (which is simply Marathon 1) and "Marathon". Here we go: Marathon!

For You guys collecting Apple Startup Tones, this is the Pippin´s the startup tone in QuickTime AIF format, 44,500 KHz stereo. I never found a better version of it ;-)



P.S.: rumours say that another great Mac title was once ported to the Pippin: "Buried in Time" (first of three titles). I´m owning a Windows Demo CD with the official system requirements for all systems printed on it. It also says: "Bandai AtMark"... If anybody has this, please let me know!