Where to buy intel NeXTStep on CD

Started by garydale, December 28, 2005, 04:59:20 pm

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I'm looking to create a NeXTStep/OpenStep virtual machine (running under VMWare) but I have lost my NeXTStep install CD's - I am licensed for 3.3 + developer. I've already got developer 3.1 CDs (did developer get upgraded to version 3.3?).

Anyone know where I can buy a 3.3 intel CD set? I've looked at www.blackholeinc.com but all the links are broken.





Check that out from time to time.  Saves lots of trouble!


I tried to run OPENSTEP 4.2 under VMware 3.x & 4.x running under Windows 2000 Pro, the mouse was very jumpy and clunky.  I got networking up under VMware 3 under 4 I could not manage it.  You'll also need a VMware display driver (OPENSTEP only I think).  It's on the net, if you can't find it PM me as I still have it.

I think developer did go to 3.3 as the NEXTSTEP 3.3 Y2K patch disc contains the 3.3 developer and foundation patch.

I'm not sure how much success you're going to have with NS 3.3, maybe OS 4.2 would be better.

I think I read somwhere, that the mouse problem is much better running OS 4.2 under VMware for Linux.

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