Error formatting Zip disk in Next

Started by Toh'mas, March 14, 2006, 08:10:12 pm

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Hey all,

We have a product here (yes, there's actually a *business* that still uses Next  :wink: ) and have suddenly encountered an error trying to format Iomega Zip disks.  We are unaware if the problem has been present for awhile as we performed only read/write/destroy tests on each unit.

We are using a 250 MB drive, however, because of compatibility issues, only 100 MB disks are used.  When attempting to format (either Next or Mac) the following error is generated via the console:

"can't write label -- disk unusable!: I/O error"

Keep in mind this spans across multiple disks and multiple systems.  Also keep in mind that this configuration can't change.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


I have a link to a Web page that has some information on reformatting Zip disks with a NeXT machine.  It talks about a "brute-force" format as well as write protect issues.  The page takes a while to load.  Hope this helps.