Anyone here have access to part #N5515 ?

Started by domiel, July 20, 2008, 11:48:37 am

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Found the following on another website (

and was wondering if anyone actually had access to it?

Subject: NeXT release of Mach
Date: Jan 3, 1991

Avie Tevanian of NeXT writes:

NeXT started with the Mach 2.0 sources and have picked up most of the
Mach 2.5 and beyond kernel fixes, except for external pagers.
The NeXT environment includes all of Unix and goes well beyond
supporting object oriented programs and lots of fancy graphics.

It is possible to get the machine-independent kernel sources as
well as all the library and environment sources from NeXT. Only
the machine-dependent sources such as device drivers are unavailable.


From Carrick Talmadge

The latest NeXT price lists reportedly shows:

   N5515   NeXT 2.0 Mach Source Release on Floppies   $10,000
       [$5000 for educational institutions].

I am led to understand that this includes the various licensing fees.


I've been looking for the NeXT kernel sources for quite some time without success. The closest thing I could find were parts of the Rhapsody kernel source as well as the Mach 2.5-based OSF/1 kernel source from Digital.

It would be great if one could update the OpenStep kernel to support more modern hardware - I think the kernel didn't change that much at least from NS3.3 to OpenStep 4.2. Don't know about older kernels, though.


All I have is the xnu from darwin.  I suspect that whomever wrote the NetBSD NeXT has to have had some kind of hardware refrence, or even source access....

Unofficially I've uh "found" various Unix stuff, including OSF but I've never come across anything next...
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