NS/OS/ Rhapsody on Apple Hardware

Started by adcurtin, August 07, 2008, 07:52:21 am

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I just recently got back into NeXTSTEP after looking into installing it in vmware fusion. I have a ton of questions, and they're about all sorts of hardware. I will try to keep the questions in the right forum, but since I have so many, they may overlap or be misplaced. Regarding Apple hardware:

1. I have a power mac 6500/250, and a powerbook 1400c. would it be possible to run ns/os/rhapsody on either of these?

2. I also have a m68k Color Classic. Will NS/OS run on this at all, or is the m68k version limited to black hardware? I tried booting the moto boot floppy on it, but all I got was a sad face on a floppy disk.