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Started by gtnicol, March 19, 2006, 06:50:07 am

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Does anyone have a disktab for a 1GB Jaz drive? If not, I'll have to write my own I guess.


I do have some printouts about Jaz Drive disktabs from 1996 from NeXTanswers (entry number 2154). The file may still be in electronic form on my NeXT but I am not sure.

Here is an excerpt:

Due to Iomega's implementation of the SCSI interface on the Iomega Jaz drive, NEXTSTEP is unable to obtain information regarding the disk geometry from the device. In order to format a Jaz disk, NEXTSTEP requires a disktab entry.


Add the following disktab entry to the file /etc/disktab:


In order for commands like /usr/etc/disk to "recognize" the above entry, you may need to insert a tab before the first line. Use the disk command to initialize Jaz disk. Here is an example:
disk -i -t IOMEGAJAZ-1G /dev/rsd2a

Note: If the initialization fails, you may need to use the sdform command to format the disk. This is usually necessary for DOS formatted Jaz disk.

Apparently, this was valid for release 3.3 - 4.0

This may have been a version that worked for me 10 years ago (running NS 3.2). In case this doesn't work for you I have several other disktab entries that other people posted at that time but I have to get my NeXT set up first for access.

Hope this helps.
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