Being able to telnet to a ANSI-BBS on the cheap. ;-)

Started by kb7sqi, August 25, 2008, 11:55:51 pm

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I know some people might not want to purchase a program like or prefer to go the opensource route.  So, I figured I'd post a quick howto here.  8)

1. You need to have CubX installed.
2. You need to install my rxvt package.
3. In the misc section on my web-site, you'll find an archive called vgafonts.tar.gz

Extract the vgafonts.tar.gz file somewhere like /tmp.
Then copy the *pcf files as root to  /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/misc/
cd to that directory & then as root run these commands:

xset fp rehash

After that, the rest is easy.  :wink:  Simply kick off rxvt w/ the following command:
rxvt -fn vga -bg black -fg green

Telnet to your favorite ANSI-BBS & enjoy.  8)

You'll find several fonts in the package.  I recommend the sabvga or vga font.  Try the different ones to find one you like.  I posted a screenshot in the screenshots directory.  Here's the url:

Easy enough/Cheap enough?  Enjoy.