Broken Packages?

Started by vergil, August 26, 2008, 12:09:37 pm

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Good morning - running into an issue on a "new" NS3.3 install putting in packages. Several .pkg files complain when when opening with that there was an issue with reading $ Looking in the directory, the .info file *seems* to be well formed, and the perms are good too (at least 644 if not 664).

Anyone run into this and know of a workaround? Rather annoying since the patch 3 pkg and a few LightHouse packages are b0rked.



Well, this is both amazing and weird. On a lark I reinstalled 3.3 (getting obsessed with fixing an install that could fit on my thumb drive seems silly). Patch 3 went in like a champ - even a few apps.

The problem reared its head again after I ran through TjL's cable modem guide. After removing the netinfo entry for my machine under machines, as well as the second I added for my linux box for NFS mounting, things were back to normal.

I'm going to try again with just my own host, but I would have never imagined that netinfo would step on the packager like that. Thoughts?