Can anyone help me determine if this is a rare cube board?

Started by sdinet, September 11, 2008, 06:01:20 pm

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Looks like a moderately early make of the 030 board.
Never seen it in that color before though.

-NeXT 68040 Cube with NS 3.3 and 64Mb ram


yeah I pulled it out and was like, weird YELLOW... Never seen that before!  Anyway, wondering if it has some history to the YELLOW color or some special meaning =)


So I booted up this cube and WOW it was a BETA cube at a university and they used it to develop printer software and drivers for NeXT!  It has LOADS of software installed, dozens of user accounts and TONZ of emails, including MANY MANY emails from NeXT employees.  Would it be in POOR taste to share the emails from NeXT employees in the archive section?  I assume that would violate privacy?


I know I'd make a copy off of the cube, incase the disk decides to die....

You can always use sed to remove pronouns...
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Posting personal emails would definitely be an invasion of privacy, morally (IMO) if not legally. Company related emails, maybe not if you anonymised them before publishing.
2 x NeXTStation Colour Turbo + 1 Defunct monitor = sad panda


yes I completely agree, just wish there was a way to share the great stuff I found from a NeXT archival perspective....  Also, there is alot of custom made NeXT software and drivers on here (I have the source code), I could literally spend thousands of hours trying to piece it all together... What to do =)


2 x NeXTStation Colour Turbo + 1 Defunct monitor = sad panda


Yes, the drivers are definitely worth saving.  And sharing  :)

Though you can only go so far with m68k hardware (except maybe through some SCSI or DSP core drivers), it would be nice to follow some source code to write drivers for i386 devices, or even to write "virtual" drivers when NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP runs as a guest OS of VMs.



share! :) Share emails to. just anonymize them mostly, first.


As I understand it yellow circut boards are not as strong as green ones. This comes from general electronics knowledge and is not NeXT specific. Just to be safe I would be extra careful with this one.


The early 030 boards were yellow (1988) and the later 030 boards were green (1989).  The yellow boards I own have v1.0 ROMs and the green ones have v1.2 ROMs.


The earliest board (AAG0000832) that I have was from a university as well, so perhaps that falls in line with Steve Jobs trying to get schools hooked on his wacky new cube in early '89.