Fixx'm - IRC Client for OpenStep

Started by armus2112, September 29, 2008, 09:32:56 pm

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I'm using this IRC client. Works perfectly for me thus far in Openstep 4.2.  I can't for the life of me get IRCStep to work (see

Here's a screenshot of Fixx'm:

Download Fixx'm here (you need to also install FZBase & IRCKit):

and the main Fixx'm website:   (note that the download links are broken on this site so download it from above link)


Never seen that client. Looks pretty sweet :)


Since the tar isn't labeled... is this a quadfat binary? will it work on black hardware?

well, it says IMS. whatever that means. Intel, Motorola, Sparc?


You'd be surprised just how new I am to the NeXT world.  I saw 'IMS' and concluded the same thing. Intel/Motorola/Sparc.  I think we are correct  :wink:


I do hope so :) Looks like a sweet program.

Just an FYI, the proper way to show what architectures a program supports is with :

N - NeXT, 'Black Hardware', 68k
I - Intel, x86
H - HP PA-RISC, gecko machines
S - Sparc, Sun machines

So quadfat files are marked blah.1.0.NIHS.tar.gz, programs for specific CPUs would just have that letter in the file name. In theory, if everyone did like they were supposed to :P

Enjoying your NeXT stuff so far? :)


Yes I'm digging it.  :D  I installed OS 4.2 on a Pentium II 450Mhz.  I wouldn't mind acquiring the genuine article one day (preferably a NextStation Turbo Color), but these things are selling for major bucks on ebay.

Thanks for the overview of file naming, appreciate it.


Fixx'm has a bug. If you fiddle too much with preferences (setting 'Default' profile stuff), the prefs will get corrupt and the program when launched will 'Bus Error'.

To fix this corruption, I had to remove the file:


which is where I think it stores it's preferences. Warning though, I think other misc programs may store prefs there also.

SO I set the prefs and then I do NOT touch them :)

Other than this bug, it's a solid IRC client.