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Started by mightyleader, April 12, 2006, 01:59:58 pm

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Hey there,
I have just been given a NeXTStation Turbo, 33mhz, 32Mb RAM.
It has an internal HD with NeXTSTEP 3.3 on it.
My problem is this:
When I boot, I get the 'Testing System' graphic then the 'Loading from disk graphic'.
The monitor comes up, runs through the usual text info, requests thr hardware password (which thankfully I know!) and after checking the disk, drops me to a command prompt.
And goes no further...

I can list the contents of the volume with ls, the drive is mounted at /
I've gone into the ROM Monitor and tried bsd, but it takes me to the same point.
Can anyone help with how to get it to actually boot into the GUI?


I don't know what the specific problem is but here's two links that explain common boot and loginwindow problems.

Can you boot into single-user mode?  bsd -s

Hope this helps out.


Hey there,
Thanks for the tips will check them out...
I can get into single user mode, i think that's where I'm getting dropped into on boot, just can't work out how not to be in it! lol


Hey there
Just thought I'd post the solution in case any one ever has the same issue.
Basically my /etc/hostconfig file was corrupt!
I replaced it by copying the backup of the file included in /etc and all was good again!