Wanted: Openstep 4.2

Started by AltRN8, December 29, 2005, 07:13:27 pm

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I am looking for OpenStep 4.2 cds install cds if anyone has a set they would like to part with. I am specifically looking to install it on Black hardware so if I can purchase a motorla install disc that would be fine.




Rob Blessin of http://www.blackholeinc.com/ used to sell burned copies of OPENSTEP for around $50.00 USD I believe.  $99.00 for OS with developer.  He's difficult to contact via e-mail.  You might be able to contact him through his ebay store or by the phone number on his site.


Rob at Blackhole is very poorly last time I heard, I sent about 4 emails to him and never got a reply, if his feedback on eBay is anything to go by he's not answering anybody else either.

Randy Rensock is not answering emails either.
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It took several calls to Rob to get merchandise.

If you call him, and you're patient with him & his "arthritis" you may get through.

OTOH, a call to Ernie Prabakhar on behalf of the NeXT Community, with a plea that the Business man they entrusted software fulfillment to (which has all but bailed on the community) isn't reliable and could we discuss the option to provide NeXT software support..

That's how he did it - and he was making money on it.  We wouldn't have to.