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Started by helf, March 17, 2009, 01:02:34 am

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Anyway to use AA'd fonts in nextstep? I did search around and didn't find much on the subject. Not really needing/wanting them much, just curious. People seem to love AA on fonts for some reason, I find most rendering engines make them a blurry train wreck. Even ones people claim are good.


Part of the issue with antialiased fonts is that it can be hard on a system's hardware. People don't realize it that much today, but in the early 1990s antialiasing fonts on screen could produce redraw times that were more like watching paint dry. Applications that did it had their own font rendering systems for dealing with this, plus no OS maker of the time would have wanted to have something like that enabled system wide.

Apple took the first (mild) steps towards including this within the OS in Rhapsody. Developers using Rhapsody's text handling services could include an option for enabling antialiasing of fonts within their applications. The two that I use it in are OmniWeb and Create.

Because both Rhapsody and OPENSTEP coexisted, many applications were (mostly) written once and then compiled for both operating systems. So I believe there is a check box in the preferences for both OmniWeb and Create in OPENSTEP to enable antialiasing which actually do nothing.

Strangely enough, I had started doing my NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP site in OPENSTEP using Create 5.2.1 (I had started my Rhapsody site using Create 5.1 in Rhapsody), but quickly switched over to building the pages in Rhapsody because I didn't want jagged fonts in my graphics (and I also really enjoyed working with Create 10.0 more than Create 5.x).