Successfully Intalled NeXTSTEP 2.2

Started by bkmoore, April 07, 2009, 10:25:14 pm

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I got an external HD for my NeXTStation Color and made it my boot drive.  So the question was, what to do with the internal HD.  I found a disk image for NeXTSTEP ver 2.2 and loaded it up on the internal drive.  It works very well.  Things I noticed:

1.  NS 2.2 is a black and white OS with color added.  Some of the apps have color, but most do not.  I reminded me of watching the film Pleasantville when the world started coming to color.

2.  NS 2.2 is very responsive on my older hardware wrt the user interface.  It is more responsive than 3.3.  This might be because of the lack of color.

3.  NS 2.2 did not have any issues with the post Y2K date that I was able to discern.

4.  Lots of online literature such as Shakespeare's plays.  I think people weren't sure what customers would do with the computer, but they thought hey if we're going to target academic institutions, let's make it an online book reader, among other things.

5.  I played with the developer tools.  No ProjectManager, InterfaceBuilder does it all.

An interesting experience.  I felt a lot like a digital archaeologist doing this.  Sorry, no screenshots yet.  I think someone else posted one on this forum a while ago.  Does anyone else have experience with version 2.2?

Brian Moore


Quote from: "bkmoore"
2.  NS 2.2 is very responsive on my older hardware wrt the user interface.  It is more responsive than 3.3.

Sounds good for non-Turbo monoslabs, but as far as i can remember most (3rd party) apps require at least NS3.0 to run.

If you have some spare time, can you do some tests?


well I found it pretty slow on my color turbo

QuoteThanks to members of this forum it6800 and jheis I managed to install NeXTSTEP 2.2. It is preaty slow and there is not many color in its interface. There are some interesting applications but bugy as well ... the other problem was the screen grab TIFF size is 1.33 MB (there is no way to read DOS or Mac diskettes also) so I couldn't put more pictures but for the start I think it is ok Very Happy so for the first time publicly available a screenshot of NeXTSTEP 2!

Some other screenshots of NeXTSTEP here




Thanks for posting the screenshots.  My system is a non-turbo color slab.  The user interface subjectively feels more responsive to me under 2.2 than 3.3.

I used the dump image from kb7sqi.  Maybe you had a bad image?  Or the HDD geometry wasn't set up optimally?  Just speculating...

If anyone has any good benchmarks to recommend, I'll give it a go and post the results.

Brian Moore