Easy solution for HTTPS issue for OmniWeb 2.7 beta-3

Started by slynce, April 02, 2009, 07:42:30 pm

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Hi folks,
for some days I have been trying to find an easy solution for https issue Omniweb browser has. There are some very detailed explanation posts in the forum, but they turned out to be too complicated for me.
Browsing around I found the solution here:

It turned out to be a very well organised and complete resource archive, and I believe it will be very helpful for novices like me.

So guys - gzip -d and tar-xf the file and install the pkg file, and enjoy your https !


I had gotten this to work sometime last year,

I used a very recent version of the open source HTTPS plugin for OmniWeb 3.1rc2, and also OpenSSL 0.9.5

u should be able to get them from either of these places:




I guess my post was little ill-defined ;)
The solution for OpenStep and for Omniweb 3.x is out there and it works as you armus show in your post. I was talking about NextStep 3.3's https browsing and a solution for Omniweb 2.7 where the above shown links do not work and setting the system to resolve SSL is a bit tricky (at least for dilettantes like me) ;)