NEXTSTEP complete on floppy disk

Started by Sven, May 23, 2009, 12:54:36 pm

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Hello together!

I'm here at the forum for the first time...

I have my retro computer collection extended with a nextstation mono.
Unfortunately I have no NEXTSTEP operating system, because the disk has been renewed.
Exist NEXTSTEP in versions 0.9 - 2.1 complete on floppy disk without CD-ROM?
I've NEXTSTEP 3.3 on CD-ROM free from apple at the internet, but I've no CD-ROM drive.
Can someone tell me where I get NEXTSTEP in versions 0.9 - 2.1 complete on floppy disk for free at the internet?
What alternative operating systems are available for the NEXTSTATION on floppy disk and where you can free download it?

Greetings from germany



Congradulations on your getting a NeXTStation.  I think your system can only run NeXTSTEP 2.0 and higher.  Also the early versions of NeXTSTEP were distributed on a magneto-optical disk, not on floppy.  I don't think NeXTSTEP was ever distributed on floppy disk.

If you want to run 2.2, you can get a data dump image from kb7sqi.  It's too big to fit on floppy.  You would need to have a different boot HD, then dump it to the disk you wish to install it on.

I would recommend getting an external SCSI CD ROM and possibly an external SCSI HD.  Then you could install NeXTSTEP from CD, and experiment with different versions on the different drives.  You might be able to get an original NeXT CD ROM drive from Rob Blessin at Blackhole Inc.  He has a store on eBay.  If not, most early Apple SCSI CD ROM drives seem to work.

I have an extra 520 MB HD with NeXTSTEP 3.3 pre-installed.  pm me if interested.

Brian Moore