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Started by Sven, June 05, 2009, 09:50:28 pm

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Hello together!

I'm looking for a simple introduction to NEXTSTEP...
best in German or English.

Can someone tell me where I can download it?

Thank in advance!

Best regards


There is a Demo of Steve Jobs somewhere out there. You could try searching for "nextstep" in the piratebay. Then you should find a 30 minutes demo video (downloading it should be completely legal).
I am not quite sure, if it is the correct one, but maybe worth a try. Otherwise you could try searching YouTube. I found this: (sadly in "YouTube quality")

There should be better ones out there! I remember watching this video or a similar one in higher quality some time.

I hope it hepls. Good Luck!



Hi Andreas,

thanks for Info... I know the video.

I'm looking for something like

"NeXTSTEP Here's how" or
"The Complete Guide to the NEXTSTEP User Environment"

in PDF format

Greeting from Germany


Hi there Sven,
know how you feel ;)
Was in your shoes two months ago, but believe me - NextStep is the best adventure one can ever have and what is worth most in it - is discovering it on your own ;)
You can start with building a VMware (Virtual machine) NextStep environment.
If you already have one - what you need is called "Nextanswers".
You can get it from the file archive of this forum.
There are some other sections which might be of interest - "Articles" or "Docs" and they might also shed  light on your questions.
(also, though they are not that many, you can read my posts in this forum - the questions I asked and the answers I received from some very great members of the forum - whom I am very, very grateful!)
Good luck! ;)