NEXTSTEP / OpenStep for Intel require boot floppies?

Started by blakespot, April 19, 2006, 06:19:54 pm

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Greetings.  Shame about

I am a longtime NeXT fan and user and am trying to install NEXTSTEP on a modern PC.  I realize video will run in minimal mode and that it may not work at all.  Just attempting here.

I purchased NEXTSTEP for Intel v3.2 back in 1994 (academic) and also have NEXTSTEP v3.3 and OpenStep v4.2 which I for from Apple when I submitted the serial # of my NeXT Station Turbo Color to them.  

[ can't see it due to same color links/text (what's that about?) but each word of the above "my NeXT Station Turbo Color" is a photo link... ]

Do they all required boot floppies?  I know NS 3.2 came w/ a boot floppy but I can't recall if NS 3.3 and OS 4.2 did - I can't find the floppies if they came with the pack, but do have all CDs.  

This has IDE CD-ROM, no SCSI.  Does anyone know of various floppy image formats in which the boot floppies can be found?


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RacerX has all of the floppy images online as well as full instructions on creating boot floppies.  You can find them here.

Hope this helps.


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