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Started by Sven, June 27, 2009, 02:04:35 am

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I have some questions:

1. How can the directories bin, dev, etc, tmp ... view in File Viewer of NS 3.3 ?

2. Which partition size can NS 3.3 handle?

3. Which web-browser can display current websites?
e.g. Omniweb 2.7 does not show sites correctly.

4. How can I make/burn a CD on a Windows PC (which parameters required), that NS can read them correctly?
e.g. that the file names not truncated:
you read the CD with Windows and file named: file.size
you read the CD with NS 3.3 and file named: file.siz

Thank in advance for help...


These instructions are for OPENSTEP 4.2. I haven't used NEXTSTEP 3.3 in the last 10 years.

1. Double-click on "Preferences" (the button with the clock/calendar) and in the "Unix" panel check "UNIX Expert":

2. Most people agree that 2GB is the largest "safe" partition for OPENSTEP;

3. Even the the latest OmniWeb (3.x) will display most sites "incorrectly" :)

4. AFAIK NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP doesn't support long DOS filenames. I use HFS for all my vintage software CDs (OPENSTEP, Mac OS X Server 1.x, IRIX) . You will need a Mac for that, of course. Having a Mac is really handy, especially one that can run Mac OS X (you can serve files via NFS to your UNIX boxes). G3 Macs are dirt-cheap these days;
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