Freeware and Legal abandonware for NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP?

Started by madcrow, January 16, 2010, 11:11:32 pm

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I'm working on putting together a CD with the best freely-available software for NeXT systems and I was wondering what recommendations people have.

I've already got the Lighthouse Design stuff in my "work folder" Does anybody know of any must-have apps that are either freeware or have had an OFFICIAL free serial/key release? Also, is there any sort of must-have stuff that isn't currently available but might be good enough to try and track down its current owner to ask for permission to include? As I recall TIFFany II has a free key online, but it's only available as part of a one-off agreement between the site that has it and the author...


I think contacting developers is a great idea. I've contacted a lot of them asking for donations of their old software, and the worst results were them saying no (a good example was AFS when asked about WriteUp and PasteUp).

In some cases you have to remember that the original developers might not be in full control of their original software. For example Pages is now owned by Apple, so the original developer of Pages for NEXTSTEP might not be able to grant you the rights to the software (I haven't found that developer, so I don't actually know for that app).

In the case of Caffeine Software, that company and it's assets were bought by Apple. I was granted the rights to provide the license of TIFFany II on my site, but the purchase agreement with Apple meant that TIFFany 3 had to remain a purchase only application (on OPENSTEP/Rhapsody/Mac OS X), and Andrew Stone is the only person able to sell licenses.

The thing to keep in mind is that some people just want to put all that stuff behind them (like Scott Anguish) or their agreements might mean they can't discuss why they would have to say no.

At some point (when I have some free time to invest in this stuff) I'll try to see if I can get us OAAI's GlyphiX (which was a really nice app) or Marlowe. And now that the ScanOmatic page is down, that becomes important too. Of course half the battle is even knowing that an application exists to begin with.


In trolling the Net, I actually found some online keys for JetPilot 2.3 and ScanOMatic 2.4... Does anybody have any clue whether these might be legit or are they probably warez... If they're legit, I'll include the stuff as they could be useful for someone who might want to print to a PCL printer or hook up an old SCSI scanner. Otherwise, I'll leave them off...


Quote from: "madcrow"In trolling the Net, I actually found some online keys for JetPilot 2.3 and ScanOMatic 2.4...

My impression a few years back was that IPC wanted people to retrieve the license numbers (for version 3.0) from their site for ScanOMatic. But their position on this may have change as they no longer have those pages up on their site (but is still available here).

It never hurts to ask.


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