How to install GCC 2.7

Started by Simple Xu, November 04, 2009, 07:20:46 am

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Simple Xu

Hi all, I downloaded the gcc-2.7.2.tar and after I unarchived it I got a few folders, they are lib, man, src, info, bin, i386, m68k. What should I do next?
I tried to move the lib folder into /usr/local/lib, move the bin folder into /bin but the gcc still couldn't find the standard.h which is included in stdio.h when I compile a hello.c(this file is used for testing if the gcc works and I think you know what a hello.c will look like)
Any help? what should I do to make gcc work?

P.S. I used to compile gcc in linux but that's when there is a older version gcc per-installed with the system. When I installed XCode in Mac, everything is done by XCode. So I have no experience in installing gcc.

Simple Xu

And it would be great if someone can tell me where to get the Next/Open Step Developer CD.



Well, I think do you understand that you need the Developer CD. After install that, you can install a newer version of gcc ( and compile sources.

You can find NeXTStep Developer maybe on Ebay, or here in Marketplace, or more try with google (