Displaying Lubu Openmagic on OS X X11

Started by IRIX313, December 10, 2009, 06:12:11 pm

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Thanks to the thread below I discovered Lubu openmagic.  Upon installation, it instantly became my favourite desktop for Solaris.  8)

I usually run my Sun blade 100 headless, using X11.app to display CDE to my 19" widescreen LCD.  However, Lubu didn't seem to want to display remotely to X11.app.  I realised X11.app doesn't support the DPS extensions that Solaris Openstep requires.  So i'm back to using my monitor directly from the Blade's video-out, in sub-optimal resolution :(

So I'm looking for any advice on getting an X-server running on OSX that supports DPS.  Anyone got any experience with this?  

Also, it'd be *really* neat to have a colour terminal.app on Openstep/Solaris....