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Started by compusplurge, December 21, 2009, 07:12:54 am

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I've recently put my SS20 back together and have installed nextstep on it. Its nothing short of glorious. I do have a question tho. Does anyone know if the sun 100mb ethernet card is supported, and if so how can I install the driver for it? I didnt have it in the system when I installed it.



Unfortunately the HME SBus Fast Ethernet card is not supported AFAIK. I have the chipset docs here if someone wants to write a driver...

-- Michael


What about the Version 1 of the 100Mbit, was that be network? Solaris dropped support for that in Solaris 8, but it was around the time NeXTStep was there... I might put one together to try, always wanted to try to see how the performance is on a SPARC.
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