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Started by Nitro, February 08, 2010, 03:44:23 am

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I second closing the alternate site and moving the content over. The only reason it existed was because people couldn't complete registration here. Now that Rob's got a position here it's completely redundant.

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QuoteHello NeXT Community: I have spoken with Steve and a lot of good news on the horizon for . I am now an administrator and we are going to set up a moderator level so we are seeking help in this respect.

I am really glad to hear that Steve is well and also that the new user backlog is getting under control with your help!  At some point it would be great if I could get my FTP access reinstated so that I can upload some of my work to the site rather than using Dropbox.

QuoteWe also look forward to any feedback or suggestions you all may have to help improve the site! Best regards Rob Blessin

Two things immediately come to my mind: (1) it would be awesome if we could set-up a wiki so that the wealth of information present in the forums is easier access; (2) perhaps the 'New_Ports' area of the File Archive could be subdivided into categories to support future expansion.

Thanks Rob!