N4006 Sony monitor repair question

Started by woodengamer, March 19, 2019, 03:29:23 am

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I am looking to take on a recap job of my N4006 monitor.  I have one that has the usual auto shut off after a few seconds.  There is surprisingly very little information on this monitor that I have been able to find.   I was wondering if anyone happens to have a schematic or parts list so I can order the caps online before opening it up.


I struggled profusely to find any information whatsoever on the monitor but was ultimately unsuccessful.  In the end I threw in the towel and switched to an LCD.  That was about 9 years ago.


I assume you have corss-referenced with the identical Sony badged unit NeXT OEM'd?

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I don't know the identical badged Sony for sure,  but from what I was able to research,  it seems like it is the GDM-17E10.  From what I can tell,  Sun also has a monitor badged off of this as well.     The most I have found is a few pictures with the monitor disassembled.  (sun model)

I figure if I do tackle it,  I will just do the best I can and at least photograph or record it as some sort of reference for folks in the future.  This is way above my skill level,  but I am at least comfortable with discharging a CRT properly.


A lot of the equipment that I refurbished had no available schematics or service manuals.  If you are just doing capacitor replacement then the game will involve identifying all the caps, measuring their dimensions (including pin spacing), identifying the manufacturer and series, and finally finding a modern equivalent.  But you probably know all of that already.

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Hello: The Sony Trinitron monitors , I've found are very easy to disassemble and there is a hidden fuse on the power supply side !  Often you can see components that are blown or physical damage , if you see something obvious on one of the boards I may have a replacement board in better condition I would offer cheap .
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