Some OpenSTEP Questions

Started by bkmoore, March 28, 2010, 04:31:46 pm

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I installed OpenStep 4.2 on my external HD to my Color Slab.  I have two questions that I can't seem to figure out.

1.  My installation of OpenStep seems to hang indefinitely on booting if it is not connected to a network when it is loading NetInfo.  If I press <ctrl>-c to bypass loading NetInfo, it dumps me into single user mode.  With a network connected, it boots up ok.  With NeXTSTEP, it would wait for a network, but after about a minute, it would continue booting normally.  My machine is configured to not use NetInfo services, so I can't figure out the reason.  I like to run my machine stand alone most of the time, but also occasionally on the network to transfer files.

Here's my hostconfig:


2.  During a normal startup, there is no status bar showing the progress while loading as with NextStep.  I seem to remember that OpenStep had this as well.  Is this missing from OpenStep, or is there a way I can enable it?  I basically see a gray screen until I get to the login panel.

OpenStep and NextStep are harsh mistresses.  They are rock solid once they are properly configured, but getting them properly configured is always a challenge.

Brian Moore


I figured out the answer to my first question.  OpenStep does startup without a network connection, but the timeout is much longer than with NextStep 3.3.  So it seems to be working as designed.

I still haven't figured out why OpenStep doesn't display the boot up screen.  Maybe it was left out?

Brian Moore


It's probably got something to do with your NVRAM settings. do the Command + ~ and make sure the verbose setting is off.