How do I load NextStep 3.1 onto my Next Cube- PLEASE HELP

Started by applecubeguru, April 08, 2010, 11:20:28 pm

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I recently bought a NeXT Cube and the Operating system on it is OpenStep 4.2, however it will not boot properly (I keep getting the message "could not find window server port" when it attempts to boot), so I was going to install NextStep 3.1 onto the hard drive.  Well now I have the NextStep 3.1 install CD and I cannot get it to boot from the internal optical drive (the system sees it when it boots however when I attempt to use the "bod" command it states there is no optical drive).  If you have not guessed, I am new at the whole thing, with that being said.  How can I:

1.  Get the OpenStep 4.2 to boot properly?
2.  Load NextStep 3.1 onto the Hard Drive so I can use that as the OS?

Either option is fine with me, I just want to be able to get into the OS and play around.  Please send any suggestions you might have.


Need to work on the 'guru' part of your moniker eh? JK.. You will need the floppy installers and a working floppy drive, and an external SCSI CDROM. The internal optical drive will only read MO discs as far as I know. I have used an external Apple CDROM, as well at Mitsubishi and Toshiba. When you have everything together, just insert the floppy in the drive with the CDROM attached and the NeXTSTEP cd (or OPENSTEP) and hit the Right Command + Left Command and the Tilde ~ and type BFD at the prompt. It will boot off the floppy and look for your external CDROM drive.. (PHEW!) and just follow the onscreen directions from there.

Just a thought. You can do the R-Command + L-Command + ~ and try typing BSD (Boot SCSI Disk) and see if OPENSTEP will boot off the HD.


Alright, I have the floppy install disc and the install CD-ROM for NextStep 3.1, I have a few SCSI internal floppy drives but I cannot get the computer to recognize any of them.  Is there any way to restore the OpenStep 4.2 OS that is currently on the computer?  I will purchase an external SCSI CD-ROM drive as recommended but what type of internal floppy drive do I need to purchase?  Thanks for the help.


Uhm, your cube didn't come with a floppy drive? Ouchie. Maybe you can try Rob @ Blackhole Computers. They look similar to older Mac floppies, can anyone chime in? I'd probably just reinstall the OS, I just reinstalled mine. Get a cheapy external CDROM drive.. [/quote]