NeXTSTEP 3.3 & Sun SCSI DAT Backup

Started by NeXTsociety, April 22, 2010, 12:48:14 am

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Looking at various DAT tape systems on eBay to work on my NeXTcube.  Sun has some nice single and double tall case style DAT drives that are SCSI II.  Wondering if this would work well on a NeXTcube or not using DUMP and RESTORE?  I have seen some ads say they are Wide SCSI and others Narrow SCSI and not sure if that will work or not.  Not 100% sure what the model 599-2129-01 is actually.

Here is one I am looking at:

4mm DDS3 12/24GB External SCSI Tape DAT
Model 599-2129-01

Sun appears to have many models.