NeXTime video player... what format... ?

Started by helf, May 06, 2007, 04:20:43 am

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I have a copy of nextime... anyone know how to convert video files to whatever format it uses? I haven't been able to find much information... And I kind of want to use it! :P


Hmmm good question, don't know the definitive answer. I had NeXTTIme on a NeXT dimension, if I remember correctly it could play some older, obscure quicktime files?
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I think it was some really crappy codec like Road Pizza (mmmm, just the way I like it) or Cinepak. Hope this helps.



I didn't try many videos because lack of time. But as I remember those video files have to be saved together with a resource file. I watched 3 old QuickTime videos from QuickTime version 3.5 and one of them didn't work because of that missing resource file. I will look over it as soon as possible.



If they work, could you email one of them to me? If I can figure out how to convert videos to that format, it would be awesome :) Have a stack of external 4gb hdds all with one converted movie sitting on them... ;D

be hilarious.


I installed NeXTtime today for the heck of it.  Played the videos that it came with.  15fps.  Lips and sound don't sync at all but audio sounded fine.  Video just did not match the voice is all.  For the time, it was probably pretty good stuff.   :lol: