Uptight now - Hosed system twice in 2 days. Argh!

Started by NeXTsociety, July 08, 2010, 10:56:37 pm

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Ok, I need to get a better grip on what I am doing to my NeXTcube to hose the system like I am doing.  In the matter of 2 days, I have done something to prevent my system from booting.  Both times it hangs on startup after I connected a new SCSI device.  SCSI setting on new device is indeed not conflicting with another device.  In this case, I have a HP SureStore on #4 SCSI and had been booting and running fine.  Shutdown, connected my NeXT Color Printer to the chain with terminator on the printer and on startup, hung at the very end of bootup.  Maybe since the printer is SCSI #3 and you can't change that, I should have recabled and went from computer to printer to drive.  Anyway, so I had a conflict that locked up the system.   So, I was able to hit the power button and shutdown the Cube.  Upon restart, she would not boot.  Went to rom.  I did a FSCK, fixed stuff, but now hangs at Mounting File System.  Left it there for some time.

So, hosed it again.  Or, what can I do next.  Gets to Loading File System and stops.

When I hang like I did, is there a better way to shutdown?  I tried the Shift Alt Command ~ but it would not go to prompt and I seemed to only be able to go to power button.  Then shit hit the fan and I wiped it out, again.

Am I just really doing something wrong here to hose the system like I am doing.  Is not booting 100% a NeXT a crapshoot for bad things will happen like I am getting and unix systems die like I am experiencing.

Frustrated as I spent a lot of time rebuilding and now looks like I have to do again.  Sheesh.

I just don't understand how brittle the system is in this respect when it locks up because of a scsi conflict like I had, I don't expect the system to die every time like this.



So, help a DUMB A$$ out.... I am now trying to boot to CD using my NS3.3 floppy and NS3.3 CD.  I am ADB keyboard.

I am trying to get to the prompt to boot from floppy and doing a Left SHIFT + Left ALT + COMMAND + ~ and I keep going into some nmi mini screen and not the normal screen where I can type BFD -s so I can run fsck from the CD ROM.  Left Alt + COMMAND + ~ brings up that same darned screen.

So, how in the heck can I get to a normal prompt to type bsd commands?  I have done this before but I just can't seem to get there today.


**Edit... I switched to Non ADB soundbox and keyboard and command + ~ has me in Boot ROM now.  But..... why does it not work in ADB keyboard?  Am I hitting the wrong keys?  Weird.  Anyway, doubt fsck will do me any good but running now.

Is there anything else other than FSCK I should be doing at this point.  Do I need to do FSCK -?????


Nope, same thing... stuck at the Mounting file system window.  Ran FSCK a number of times by booting from floppy and CD rom.  

So, is that the last option here?  If FSCK dos not get her to boot, I take it with NS3.3 there is no way to install the NS OS again to make this bootable without starting all over again and re-installing everything from scratch?

Too bad like in OS X there is not a way to install and archive so all my software and all that stays on the drive.

At this point, I am afraid to connect any new device to the NeXT in horror it will lockup at boot and then this will become a common failure point.  Can't be right.... I must be doing something wrong here.

Guidance for this fool would be nice.   :lol:  :lol:

I guess I need to find a new EASY hobby that has little chance of failure.  hehehe

At least I can laugh at the crap I do to myself.


** If this helps, I can boot into Single User from the internal hard drive.  Just not sure what else I supposed to check or do.  If she locks up at Mounting File System, what is the problem here or is this not correctable?


I need a drink and some Irish music.  So, I need to clear my head and heading to town, Thursday Night Market, and Tempest is the band tonight.  Good old dancing Irish music.  And, some brew, and my NeXT worries are over.   :lol:

I will come back to maybe some ideas on what I can try.  Hopefully.  If not, I guess re-install of all again is it.  Unless there is a lesser install option.



Well, I don't have NeXT hardware, but I could suggest the solution that Apple suggested for Rhapsody/Mac OS X Server in my service training back in 1999... Have an external hard drive to boot from to fix the main hard drive.

In my case, I kept both a SCSI and ATA drives with installations of Mac OS X Server 1.2v3 handy back when I had clients that were using Mac OS X Server 1.x in case of problems. Today I keep only a SCSI drive like that set aside for my own use.

That actually is overkill for most people... I think a better course of action would be to not do whatever it was that caused the problem.

So if a device is causing this problem... that is a device you should consider not using.