BEST way to reboot a Locked-Up NeXT system ?

Started by NeXTsociety, July 09, 2010, 07:58:52 pm

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So, I would like to know the best way, with LEAST chance of screwing up the hard drive so it does not boot NS3.3 anymore, to reset a locked up or mis-behaving Cube that refuses to progress any further.

This means, for example, if I have a SCSI conflict after connecting a new SCSI device to the Cube, and the system is stuck at SCSI error and continues trying to boot, what is my correct next steps?

Do I just use the Power Button on keyboard and try to shutdown the system doing that?  Do I go to the nmi monitor or boot rom window and try something there?

My experience with the power button is VERY bad.  Seems to wipe out my hard drive and I have to re-install from scratch.  

So, there must be a BEST way for LEAST chances of screwing up the hard drive.

Then, if I do follow the correct way and she still does not boot (after removing problem SCSI device), then what is the proper method of trying to get the system booted again.




This is pretty generic:

1. The OS - GUI and otherwise
2. Remote 'halt' or 'shutdown' execution through telnet, ssh, rsh...
2. The ROM monitor (or firmware prompt as the case may be)
3. Power button
4. Power cord

If you're looking at SCSI errors, you need to dive into SCSI voodoo, I mean troubleshooting.

Investigate signal path issues to/from the disk (bad disk, cable pinch..), ID conflicts, termination, etc..

If you have chronic SCSI issues, it's time for surgery - *after* you run 'Build Disk' or 'dump'.  Prepare some rescue boot media, if possible.

As for getting started again, if you can boot your intended media, do it - let the system run a filesystem check.  If you can't, try that rescue media..

Have you read the docs on your cube and the OS?

...about all I can offer!