A few (hopefully) easy questions...

Started by balt, August 22, 2010, 09:38:05 pm

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Hi all,

Being new to next again I have forgotten pretty much everything there was to it...

Can anyone provide some info on getting the following features working:

- using cursor up in the terminal to repeat the last command. It currently just produces "[A"
- using tab in terminal for command/filename completion
- is there some basic guide on getting the development environment set up with sample code?


- Balt


The answer to your first 2 questions is "bash". You can find version 2.0b (maybe even newer) as a package. After installing the package you have to configure the Terminal application to use it as a default shell, or manually start it every time. On my system it is installed in "/usr/local/bin/bash".
Launch Terminal and select "Info > Preferences..." in the menu. Select "Shell" in the drop-down list and type "/usr/local/bin/bash" (or whatever the path is, without the quotes) in the "Shell:" text box. Then (this is important) - while the cursor is still in the text box - press the "return" key on your keyboard. If you don't do that, Terminal won't accept the changes. The next time you open a new terminal window, you should see the bash shell prompt.
The third question I don't quite understand. If you already have the Developer Tools packages (from the Developer CD) - you should also have a folder with sample projects. In OPENSTEP 4.2 I usually install the packages in the following order: DeveloperTools.pkg, DeveloperLibs.pkg, ProfileLibs.pkg, DeveloperDoc.pkg and GNUSource.pkg (you can skip the last one).
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