Previous emulator + Network boot?

Started by rickfillion, March 01, 2019, 03:03:41 am

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Has anyone had any luck performing a netboot (`ben`) with the Previous emulator?

I have a VirtualBox emulator running on my Mac that runs a universal version of OpenStep such that my black hardware can netboot from it fine. For kicks I thought that I would try to get Previous up on this same Mac booting from that same VirtualBox based emulator.

So far when I try I just get:

...cause you know, booting an emulator from an emulator sounds like a great idea. :)


Well you've gotten further than I have. I'm not getting any Bootp response from the VM even though it works a a netinfo configuration server just fine. What are your network settings? I'll try in previous too and see where I get.


Check logs on the tftp server, and/or run tcpdump see what it's actually doing
# include <wittycomment.h>


as far as Previous goes, tcpdump doesn't show anything with the SLIRP network because the tftp is internal to the Qemu code I think.