Started by michele70, October 29, 2010, 09:44:03 am

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Hi all,I have to backup systems which have Nextstep 3.3.These computers have only the floppy disk and an ethernet hub connected to them.I was planning to attach an additional SCSI disk to the system but I would know if it's possible to use something else than the DD command.I went through the index list hoping to find some image backup software but obviously nothing.Can anyone tell me if there's a compatible ethernet hard disk for this OS....viewing the specs of these products I can't really understand if I will buy something useless for Nextstep (or is it just a question on how I will format them ?).
N.B.: some of these systems I have to backup are more recent;they have CD-ROM and USB and that why I already managed to backup them with Acronis true image.


What kind of system are you using, NeXT, x86, SUN , HP ?

If i'm not wrong, you're looking for a software that would allow you to read raw device (hard disk) like dd and transmit data through network to another computer ?


These computers I have to backup up are GUI (graphic user interfaces) on systems used in the industry of semiconductors manufacturing.They have Nextstep 3.3 with 2 GB SCSI disks.On few recent of these PCs (around 20 PCS),I already managed to backup their HDs because USB and CD-ROM are present.I used Acronis True Image 2009.I also tried the Restore option and everything works fine.Unfortunately,I have still to backup around 40-50 PCs which have an older Intel based hardware (these PCS do not have any brand label nor any part number on the I can't specify anything about my hardware).I already did some image backups connecting the SCSI disks to my desktop pc using Gparted Live and its command dd but I would like to do something smart than this (these equipments run 24 hours per day,I can't really power them off when I want.....) .The Nextstep PCs (GUI) communicate with the equipments pcs through ethernet hubs:so that's the way to follow....backing up them through Lan.If only a simple software like Netcat were available for Nextstep 3.3......


Netcat !?

I got one version of netcat, the 1.10 a very old one.

if you want it, just PM me to tell me how i can send it to you.

Maybe BKMoore can put it on his site ?