RUNIN, Warp, Fuschia, Indigo??

Started by gtnicol, November 15, 2010, 06:44:11 am

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I was going through a stack of ODD and ran across some disks that seemed to be test disks from internal releases. Does anyone know what these names refer to?

The RUNIN disk seems interesting... kind of a smoke test for hardware by the looks of it.


I've always wondered why an OD I have has been labeled "Crimson".  I wish somebody would be able to provide what these internal code names are.


If it's similar to mine then it's probably a 0.9 release candidate. That's what these ones appear to be.

Do you have a drive that can read the media? If not, I'd be happy to dump it for you... sometime the disks contain interesting things. I just found a disk that has a bunch of training materials for SE's on it.


"WARP" was used as code name for some NeXTstation models (WARP9 = non-turbo monochrome NeXTstation; WARP9C = non-turbo NeXTstation color).

But i don't know if there is any connection between these code names and your "warp" labeled disk.

If there is any hardware related information on the disks, i would be highly interested!
This could be documentation of hardware components, software used to do hardware-tests, developer documentation containing hardware informations, source code of some hardware specific application, etc

Please let me know.