Power PC601E on Turbocube ?

Started by Rob Blessin Black Hole, December 18, 2010, 07:34:15 am

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Rob Blessin Black Hole

Hello: I just spoke to a customer that said they had a cool mod they sold the cube awhile back to a research firm in Alaska which was a powerpc 601E on a daughter card running on a Turbo Cube board .

Anyone have any ideas on what card  this may be ; an xceleate your mac ?  I'm willing to try it and am trying to locate one and any one that can confirm this would be great as I think a lot of us would enjoy trying it if it works and doesn't damage anything,

What about clock speed and heat issues (heat synche extra internal fan) as the first ppc's  clocked at  50Mhz and 66Mhz, I know the pyro daughter board runs at  50Mhz   and works with a socketed 25Mhz and I think the bus speed on Turbo Colors is 66Mhz with chip being a68040 at 33Mhz . Nitro chip was 68040 at 40Mhz ?

Best Regards Rob Blessin :shock:
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Hi Rob,

Very interesting.  Can you get more information from your customer about the card?  It's my understanding that Mac's didn't utilize the 68040 in the same way that NeXT hardware did, so I would be skeptical that a Mac accelerator would function on Black Hardware.  However, I would be pleasantly surprised if it did. :)  I've personally tried numerous Quadra 68040 accelerators on NeXT hardware, only to be disappointed that they didn't work.  Please keep us informed!