The mystery behind WebObjects 3.5 distros / CD's

Started by cybercow, January 20, 2011, 03:02:07 am

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For some time im trying to find this last release of WebObjects for openstep 4.2 because i'm a developer and would really want to try that application server technology. Is there any known reason why this CD's aren't available in any known place around ? I mean, within few hours one can find anything needed for openstep / nextstep installation even the developer CD, but the last missing puzzle of WebObjects can't be find anywhere.

Last month i found a source that is asking me $400 + shipping for complete openstep install and patches (8 CD's) including WebObjects 3.5 ... Ok if this was 95' and i was super busy nextstep developer, would give that money or ten times more. But just for exploring and curiosity purpose is really too much to give 400 bucks just to see that hello world on the screen !?! Or it's not ?


I don't find that even a bit surprising. WebObjects has always had a limited market and I suspect there is a very small number of copies available. Most of the people selling it these days have no idea what that is. They probably googled "webobjects", found a few web pages last updated in 2001 that list it for $800 (just a guess, I don't have any idea how much it used to cost then), and thought "there must be people out there, stupid enough to pay $400 for this".
The sad truth is that WebObjects is a dead technology. I can understand people being interested it it as vintage software, but I can't see why a Internet developer would want to use it. For me, the only useful part of WebObjects (versions up to 4.5) was YellowBox for Windows w/ Objective C support (I have v. 4.0.1 installed on an old PC laptop I take with me when I go on vacation).
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Well i agree with you to some point, but would be nice to tweak and fire some samples and to see how the whole thing works ;]

In the meantime, from the last black hole of the internet I excaved the version 2.0 (and  1.0) of WebObjects together with the server components for all supported platforms Mach, Solaris and NT, and i'm installing it right now, hope will work on OS 4.2  ...

Seems is the lite version once available from for download //// but is enough to start playing with ////// this will be a nice openstep / next weekend :]


Where did you dig up versions 1.0 and 2.0 from? I've been looking for those for some time.


Ok guys, here you go. Like I suspected this is the "Lite" or entry version, possibly abandonware either, so i think no troubles for sharing it. Sorry not tar-ed it i'm in a hurry, i know you all have mac's so there is no trouble for that ;]

If someone ever get the v3.5 at his hands, please to repeat this process of solidarity :)

All in all i expected better performance, the Apache install that is baking the WebObjects (as cgi module) run's pretty slow (PIII 600). I don't know if apache is configured properly ... will check ... also will try with NSAPI not as CGI ...