NextStep 3.3 installation on hppa

Started by frankie_1, September 11, 2011, 06:46:23 am

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Hi, i have one interesting question. I've been trying to install NextStep 3.3 on my HP9000 712/60 workstation. Actually i've been trying to install it for quite a few days. So,i installed it via my Sun external SCSI cdrom and everything goes well until os reboots after clean installation. The mach kernel boots checking devices and disks and after that it loads the daemons. First problem i noticed it stops on the message about network and it tells to press ctrl-c, and when i do that it stops again on the message Mounting remote filesystems and hangs. After leaving the os for a quite time i pressed ctrl-c again and it started loading the rest of the daemons and hangs again on first lookupd deamon and after on cron daemon. I tried everything, through replacing the Netinfo conf file with default to manually editing rc scripts to bypass the NFS automounter but nevertheless it hangs in the end on whatever daemon loads after lookupd. If someone knows the problem i would appreciate it! I actually managed in the end to get graph. mode but only black screen with mouse pointer and nothing else.


You need to make sure your internal boot drive is set to SCSI ID 6.

On a 4 jumper drive, that would be the center 2.


Quote from: "bart"You need to make sure your internal boot drive is set to SCSI ID 6.

On a 4 jumper drive, that would be the center 2.

Hi! You don't understand... i already installed NeXTStep on the machine, the problem is when it's booting it stops on 'Mounting NFS partitions'... when i hit Ctrl+C on keyboard it continues and stops again after a while, then i hit Ctrl+C a few times while it loads daemons... finally it starts GUI but i only get black screen and mouse pointer, nothing else...


I have a 712/60 and have had absolutely no problems like the ones you are describing. Is your install media OK?

My installation process was a little convoluted because I don't have a CD drive. I net-booted Gentoo and used it to dump an ISO of the install CD to my Jazz drive(external hd basically) and booted the install from that. So I would assume that if I had a CD it would have worked fine.

It sounds like to me that it is trying to mount some network folders. Once you get into it, can you see what the /etc/fstab file has in it?