Creating floppy disks from images

Started by flowerking, December 05, 2011, 10:21:57 pm

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I want to create floppy disks to install an old 68K-Mac. Because my NeXTstation (OpenStep 4.2) is the only computer with floppy-drive and network, I tried it there. I already found image files for the Mac on the internet and I found an article about creating a floppy disk from an image file:

The article is about creating a boot floppy for OpenStep, but it also works for 1,4 MB Mac images. But some of the Mac software is on 800 K images. Is there a way to create 800K Mac floppy disks on a NeXT? It seems, that I can format a HD floppy for Mac but not a DD floppy?



You can't do that without an original Mac drive unfortunately. Original Macs had a modified floppy drive that could write more sectors than the basic 720kb PC floppy drives, at the price of making the floppies unreadable without that hardware.
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