Biosread Error on NS 3.3 Install...??

Started by pan1k, February 22, 2012, 02:06:03 pm

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I am trying to install NS 3.3 on my HP 735. NeXTStep gets to the boot options screen, but spits out:

biosread(): boot_device.driver() failed, status = -4
        biosread error 0xfffffffc @ 0

I have a SCSI CDROM and a Segate SCSI HDD hooked up to the single ended scsi, not the fast wide because it's unsupported. Any help is appreciated!


I presume you're using the RISC install cd?
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Yes, I get the Nextstep boot screen, it waits 10 seconds, tries to boot and spits out that error. I think it's the CDROM DRIVE. I downloaded FreeBSD for PA-RISC and it does the same thing. I'm guessing it has something to do with the 512K setting of the CDROM drive, some SCSI drives support it, others dont.


It ended up being the CDROM drive. It needs 512k support.. it's set on parity on also...NS 3.3 is installing now...