Anyone Familiar With HP 9000 735?

Started by pan1k, March 02, 2012, 08:51:47 pm

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I have an HP 735, it has the Fast and Wide SCSI option, which isn't recognized by NS 3.3. It has the module tho that houses the SCSI drives, and the connector on the module is SCSI 3. Will it work if I get a SCSI 3 -> SCSI 2 cable and patch it into the SCSI 2 Single Ended port on the main logic board? I have the internal drive pinned as ID6 and the CDROM as ID2. I bent a pin on the cable so I will have to wait a bit to see if it will work..


I'd try the nekochan forum, they're much more versed in HP gear and scsi. HP 9000 hw was hardly the typical NeXT OS setup and us hobbyists usually do x86 or sparc.
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Well, No luck. I had the drive pinned as ID6, I dried SE mode, no dice. I purchased an external 9gb SCSI drive from eBay, will try that next week. Getting closer though!!!