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Started by string, July 21, 2006, 08:12:40 pm

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Sorry if this has been asked before but is it possible to download a copy of nextstep or openstep and install it on a pc.
I came into an old pc (I'm normally a mac user) and would love to run the next os again, I last used it at Uni about 13 years ago and loved it.
I don't know whether they are still covered by copyright or not so it may be illegal, sorry if it is.
Thanks for any replies anyway.


NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP are covered by a number of license restrictions which keeps them from being made free (these include technologies like Display Postscript and 4.3BSD). Because of this Apple will never be able to provide these for free.

If you are still interested in putting NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP on your PC, you can get a copy on ebay (here) for about half as much as I originally paid for my copy of NEXTSTEP 3.3.


Thanks I feared it might be restricted.
Unfortunately it seems a bit steep for a bit of nostalgia.
I will keep looking.

Thanks again.


Quote from: "string"Unfortunately it seems a bit steep for a bit of nostalgia.

I know what you mean... I stopped collecting Microsoft operating systems after Windows 2000 Professional for the same reason. Anything that is expensive and of no real use is a hard pill to swallow.

For me, if I needed either NEXTSTEP or OPENSTEP that price would be more than fair (and like I said, I paid more than that for them). But then again, these are productive tools for me and are far from nostalgia.

And I'm not alone in that. I've helped a couple people get reacquainted with NeXT in the pass six months because (even at these prices) it was a less expensive solution for what they needed than current hardware and software*.

Still, I understand that it isn't a good price for sightseers.

* Their main goal was to run Mathematica and for non-students the application is prohibitively expensive (around $1900). Plus there are a ton of other mathematics apps for NeXT (I use Geomview quite a lot).


I'm not sure, if this page is still actual, but you might take a look at


Quote from: "winfried"I'm not sure, if this page is still actual, but you might take a look at

It is... but that offer is only for owners of NeXT hardware. It sure doesn't look like Apple approved that pricing for other platforms.

That program was to take over for the original NeXT/Apple program which ensured that anyone with NeXT hardware would have an operating system (as I recall Apple was charging around $20 for shipping when they were still honoring it).

It originally started to bring NeXT hardware into Y2K compliance. If you owned NeXT hardware with NEXTSTEP 3.2 or earlier you would get version 3.3 and the Y2K patch CD (if you already had 3.3 you got just the CD). If you had OPENSTEP 4.0/4.1 you'd get OPENSTEP 4.2 plus the Y2K patch CD (and if you already had 4.2 you got just the CD). It morphed into a program where if you had NeXT hardware with -no software- Apple would give you (for the cost of shipping) NEXTSTEP 3.3 User and the Y2K patch.

It was never designed to give the software away for other platforms... just to fulfill NeXT/Apple's support obligations.