Raspberry Pi as NeXT netboot server

Started by itomato, December 06, 2012, 04:31:26 am

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Don't bet on it working 100% ... I've always had a missing RPC service in there, that the netboot client keeps asking for. Something only a NeXT netboot server answers (could be NetInfo linked, yarg). R Pies are nice but NeXTSTEP is about the most difficult to netboot OS out there, from a non native server OS.
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I have a write up on here on how to NetBoot a NeXT cube from linux. It works on Fedora 10-17

Aside from a fairly standard NAMED DHCP and TFTP setup, you need to setup a bootparamd server and make sure DNS entries are correct. All these services run on one box and once setup are bullet proof.

The raspberrypi uses Debian and other distros, so the guy needs to add a bootparamd service and the final piece will be in place.



Hey guys,

I was the guy that posted the topic on the rPi forums. I was unable to get the pi to work. I got past where I did in that post.

I got it so the cube would get e Mach kernel but when it tried to mount the /private it wasn't finding the NFS mount point. I'm guessing it had to do with the reverse DNS not being configured. However, for the life of me, I was unable to figure out how to configure reverse dns.

Could you detail it for me? Or point me in the right spot. There was only a single line in the original tutorial on this forum referring to it being required but no hints as to how to configure that.



It might take back porting a toolchain and NFS server to a version the NeXT can handle.