luomat's website at PEAK will be fixed soon

Started by luomat, July 25, 2006, 06:38:54 pm

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Hello all.  Some of you might remember me from the NeXT days as luomat at peak dot org

I helped run some of the FTP site (remember those ;-? and had some information up at

Unfortunately I just realized that the website has been down, and for who knows how long.

I have a backup and am working on getting it reinstated at a new site.  Will try to remember to post more if I remember.

My OpenStep CDs hit the trash awhile ago after a nasty bit of scratching left them badly off.  Now I am running Mac OS X with Parallels and wish I had them again to at least try (if only we had CD-Rs back then I would have made myself a backup!).  Anyway, if anyone has an extra set they don't want to dump on eBay, let me know.


Thanks for the update... I know that we noticed when it went down (it has always been a great reference).